How to avoid wet dreams (10 simple steps)

How to avoid wet dreams (10 simple steps)

Nocturnal emissions occurs because of irritation of genital organs. Irritation increases sensitivity. Many report feeling set back after a wet dream, a few others report feeling good after a nocturnal emission. This is for people who do not think that they are beneficial.

1) Do not ever eat too much food if you suffer from frequent emissions at night. Eat a wartime diet if it is necessary. (Avoid this if you are too thin).

2) Sleep on the right side, always and do never wear tight underwear. Tie something to your back so that you will not fall upon it during sleep. Most wet dreams occurs on the back or on the abdomen because of genital organs getting irritated by pressure.

3) Do not dwell upon erotic thoughts during the day.

4) Rise up from bed immediately when you wake up. Going for a second nap is a great danger.

5) Cold showers. Apply cold water for about ten minutes on genital organs before you go to bed. This will decrease irritation and genital sensitivity.

6) Sleep at regular times, retire early and wake up early is the rule.

7) Do not use a comfortable bed.

8) Do not ever drink any kind of caffeine before you go to bed. Coffee is notorious in stimulating genital organs and increases irritation and sensitivity.

9) Strengthen your willpower. When you develop a strong will, you will be able to avoid erotic dreams even when you are sleeping.

10) Tell yourself that you will not dream an erotic dream. Do not ever underestimate the power of the subconscious mind, if you really trick yourself into believing that you will not have a wet dream, you will not.